Liquid soil stabilizer polymer for road construction

Product application

GoldenWing NO.1 soil stabilizer is a new high-tech eco-friendly road-building material£¨which acting on the soil and make soil stable.With widely distributed and cheap "soil" as the main raw material£¨it can replace stable gravel,crushed rock and other traditional road-building materials;it can be used for subgrade and foundation treatment of various construction circumstances,suh as municipal road, highway, road inside plant area, sidewalks, country road, airport runway.

Physical-chemical characteristics
Physical state: Liquid soluble in water.
Stability: Can be stored for a long time and transport under normal conditions.
Warning: Don't swallow and inhale, If accidentally get it into eyes,you should rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical.
Toxicity: Non-toxic, harmless, no corrosion, no pollution

Ignition point: No burning.

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