120 fire retardant adhesive

Product Features:

One component, neutral, room-temperature curing, fire-retardant silicone sealant. level FV-0 outstanding fire-retardant. Outstanding adhesion for most construction materials. Non-corrosive, non-pollutive to metal, coated glass, granite, and marble. Strong resistance to high and low temperature. Great compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant Usage.

Main Usages:

Suitable for the fire-retardant sealing of various windows and doors.

Suitable for the fire-retardant sealing of decorations in public environments.


Keep the original sealed state, stored in a cool and dry place below 27, the storage period is nine months from the production date.


A fine, uniform paste or viscous body, without bubbles, clumps, crusts or gels, and without precipitates that are not easily dispersed

Distance of droop

Vertical, mm



No deformation

Surface drying time


Extrudability, mL/min


Elastic recovery rate, %


Tensile adhesion

Tensile modulus, MPa


0.4 or 0.6


Fixed elongation adhesion

No damage

Also have flame retardant property test report

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