Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Logs to Fruit

Mushroom stick (bag) size 1555cm, weight 1.8-2kg, variety: high temperature variety; L18; Nanshan No. 1, 931-9, medium and low temperature varieties 808, etc. (15*55) Diameter 9CM* length 40CM cylindrical shape, the weight of the bag is 1.9kg-2kg, the weight of the mature finished bacteria stick (bag) is about 1.5kg-1.7kg. Under proper management, through artificial water injection, the whole life cycle (generally 3-4 stubble) can produce 500g - 750g fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Raw materials: The most suitable for mushroom growth of oak wood sawdust, apple wood sawdust and other reliable quality, and provide foreign technical guidance.

Our company introduced advanced sterilization equipment for high-pressure sterilization for 8 hours, the sterilization time is short, the loss of nutrients is less, and the output is higher than that of traditional process sterilization (traditional sterilization time 30-36 hours). Under normal circumstances, after the mature fungus stick (package) arrives at the destination through the cold chain, in a suitable growth environment, mushroom buds can be produced in about 10 days, and finished mushrooms can be harvested in about 15 days.

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