TRVVSP Cable Special Cable for Drag Chains (Single sheath, pair & shield)


Special Cable for Drag Chains (Single sheath, pair & shield)

Application: It is suitable for dry or wet rooms and installation without strong stress or free continuous reciprocating movement. It is special suitable for the working places of Woodworking Machine, machine tool equipment, logistics conveyer system, crane and other related equipments.

Properties: Waterproofing; oil resistance; cool resistance; abrasion resistance; flame resistance; anti-ultraviolet.

Structure: Conductor: Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, acc. to VDE0295 CLASS 6 Insulation: special PVC

         Color: Color recognition or number recognition Shielding: braided bare copper wire, shielding density 70%

         Sheath: special PVC


         Rated voltage: SQ<0.5mm2:300/300V


         The test voltage: 2000V

         Temperature range:

         Fixed Installation: -20"C-+70"C

         Flexing Installation: -5°C-+70C

         The minimum bending radius:

         Fixed: 5 x d

         Moved: When travel <10m, bending radius of 7.5 x d

                When travel ≥10m, bending radius of 10 x d

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