Polyaniline(Emeraldine base) CAS No.: 5612-44-2

Polyaniline is a new polymer material commonly known as conductive plastic. It is a special functional material with plastic's density, metal's conductivity and plastic's machinability, as well as the chemical and electrochemical properties which was lacked of by metal and plastic. It can be used as stealth material in the defense industry. In civil industry, it can be used as anti-static materials, electronic chemicals, anti-corrosion materials and others.

Used as anti-corrosion materials:
The researchers found that polyphenylamine coatings on metal surfaces were effective in preventing air, water and salt from functioning and preventing metal rust and corrosion. This plastic coating is low cost, easy to use, and won't damage the environment.
In laboratory environments, polyphenylamine is used to create a "permanently durable organic metal" that is 10,000 times more rust-resistant than zinc. In field testing, the rust resistance of polyphenamine has been reduced to three to ten times that of zinc, which is a great improvement and has greater potential to improve performance.
This polymer coating is superior to zinc in that it is not the heavy metal, so it has less impact on the food chain and human health, and is cheaper than zinc and can be used on almost all metal surfaces. At present, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany and France and other Eurasian countries, have begun to use polyphenylamine.

Used as Anti-static and electromagnetic shielding materials:
Because of its good conductivity, and the affinity with other polymers is better than carbon black or metal powder. It also can be used as an additive and mixed with plastic, rubber and fiber to make anti-static materials and electromagnetic shielding materials (such as for mobile phone casings and microwave oven external radiation-resistant coatings, and military stealth materials, etc.)

Used as a secondary battery electrode material
High purity nano PANI has good redox reversibility and can be used as an electrode material for secondary batteries.

Used as a selection electrode
Nano PANI has selective identification and transmission rates for certain ions and gases, so electrodes can be selected as ions or gases.

Used as a special separation membrane
Nano PANI can also be made into special separation film because of its good redox reversibility.

Used as a high temperature material
Conductive PANI nanomaterials have been tested to have a thermal weightlessness temperature greater than 200C, far greater than other plastic products, so they can also be prepared into high-temperature materials.

Used as a solar energy material
Nano PANI has good thermal conductivity, its thermal conductivity is 2 to 3 times that of other materials, so it can be used as an alternative to existing solar materials.

We could offer the following models of PANI:
Hydrochloric acid technology PANI (emeraldine base) GW-EB-040
Phosphoric acid technology PANI (emeraldine base) GW-EB-041
Sulfonic acid technology PANI (emeraldine base) GW-EB-042

Hydrochloric acid doped Conductive PANI(emeraldine salt) GW-ES-050
Phosphoric acid doped Conductive PANI(emeraldine salt) GW-ES-051
Sulfonic acid doped Conductive PANI(emeraldine salt) GW-ES-052

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