Coconut Shell Gold Activated Carbon for Gold Mining
Introduction: Gold extraction activated carbon by series production process refined processing. The appearance is black, is granular, has the advantages of developed gap, good adsorption performance, high strength, economic and durable. Coconut shell gold extraction activated carbon can also be used for drinking water, purified water, wine, beverage, industrial sewage purification, decolorization.

Coconut shell gold activated carbon is mainly used for extraction of gold and other precious metals by carbon pulp method. Low mouth ore, high gold recovery rate, is the ideal activated carbon for gold mine. Coconut shell activated carbon with coconut shell as raw material, through a series of production process of fine processing.

Coconut shell gold activated carbon is Southeast Asia excellent coconut shell as raw material, using physical method and high temperature steam activation process refining. Gold with activated carbon particle degree uniform, high mechanical strength, strong adsorption, after the water grinding and other special process manufacturing, with good wear resistance, high adsorption performance characteristics, suitable for modern gold mining production, mainly used in heap leaching or carbon pulp extraction of gold metallurgy industry in the separation and extraction of precious metals.

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