Oxydipropyl dibenzoate(DPGDB)

Product name: Oxydipropyl dibenzoate(DPGDB)

CAS: 27138-31-4


MW: 342.39

EINECS: 248-258-5

Appearance: Transparent oily liquid with no mechanical impurities

Assay(as esters): 99%

Acidity(as benzoic acid):0.1% max.
Color(APHA):80 max.
Moisture:0.1% max.
Hydroxyl No.:13 max.

Water solubility: <0.01%

Water absorption: <0.25%



  Boiling point(5mmHg,)


  Freezing point(


  Pour point()


  Flash point(Tag closed cup,)


  refractive index(25





  120 cps

  VOC content



 Slight ester odor


Package: 225kg/drum or as customer requirements


It is a kind of high solubility benzoic acid ester plasticizer, the main component of which is propylene glycol dimethyl benzoate. As an alternative to the European Union's recommended phthalates, it is widely used as an environmental plasticizer in water-based adhesives (white latex. Woodworking glue. Plywood glue. Paper packaging glue. Laminating glue, smoke glue, etc.). Sulfur sealants-polyurethane sealants-fillers-PVC products (toys-Elastic flooring-gloves-PVC dipping products. Tesla. Water conveyance hose. Artificial leather, etc.). Polyurethane elastomer/Roller. Coatings, inks and pesticides-fluorescent materials and other fields.



1. Alternative products of Phthalic plasticizers recommended by the European Chemical Goods Authority (ECHA) in May 2009, which do not contain any phthalates and can be used as main plasticizers; more than 30 years of application and research data prove that these products are low toxicity. Non-mutagenic. Non-carcinogenic. Biodegradable;

2. High solubility, low sol temperature, faster processing speed. The foaming effect is good when used in the process of PVC foaming.

3. Excellent compatibility with PVC, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, etc., in the finished product resistance to mobility. Extraction resistance. Low temperature soft performance, light. Thermal stability, low VOC.

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