Ferric Chloride Solution 40%
Product name: Ferric Chloride Solution 40%

Packingdrum or IBC 。

ApplicationMainly used for sewage treatment, sludge dewatering, circuit board etching, stainless steel corrosion, chlorination agent in the metallurgical industry, oxidizing agents and mordant in the industrial industry, catalysts and oxidants for organic industries, as well as raw materials for the manufacture of iron salts, pigments, and the preparation of tin-soldering agents, is a good substitute for solid ferric chloride.

Major technical index: According to GB4482-93,details as follow.




Recycle Grade


Common Grade


High Pure Grade


Red brown liquid

Contents of FeCl3




Contents of FeCl2


Contents of water insoluble matter


as HCl

Contents of free acid (HCl)




Contents of Cu




Contents of Zn




Contents of Cr




Contents of Pb




Contents of Ni




Contents of Cd




Contents of Hg




Contents of As







Liquid ferric chloride is a good new type of sewage treatment flocculant, compared with the traditional water purifier such as: Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) has the following advantages:


(1) compared with the effect of aluminum flocculant on human nervous system, iron system is high efficiency, non-toxic, no two pollution flocculant, so the application of iron purified water flocculant is becoming the research hotspot of experts and scholars at home and abroad.


(2) The formation of alum flowers large, more dense, the settlement speed is large, mud water separation fast.


(3) Can not only be used as a water purification flocculant, but also as a sludge dewatering agent, can simplify the sewage treatment process.


(4) The production of sludge is less than PAC and easy to dehydrate, not only greatly reduce the operating costs, but also can relatively reduce the cost of sludge treatment and disposal. (5) Liquid ferric chloride is easy to use, does not need liquid distribution, has a broad application prospects, greatly replace the traditional PAC trend.


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