Picloram CAS NO: 1918-02-1

Product name Picloram

CAS NO: 1918-02-1



EINECS: 217-636-1


 Hormone-type herbicides. It can be absorbed and transmitted by plant leaves, roots and stems. Can quickly conduction to the growth point, causing the upper part of the plant deformity, wither, prolapse, necrosis, xylem catheter blocked discoloration, and eventually lead to death. The mechanism of action is to inhibit the respiration and nucleic acid metabolism of mitochondrial system. Most grasses are drug-resistant, and most Gemini crops (except cruciferous), weeds, shrubs are sensitive


 Can control most Gemini weeds, shrubs. For kerogen weeds, such as: prickly vegetables have, small swirling flowers and other effects prominent. Poor weed effect on cruciferous

Dosage form: 95%TC24%SL300G/L 2,4-D+Picloram SL

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