ultra-fine barium sulfate

Product name: ultra-fine barium sulfate


Product introduction:

The ultra-fine barium sulfate product is the selection of high-grade barium sulfate ore by airflow mechanical grinding production. The product is dense particles, the particle size distribution range is narrow and the chemical stability is high. Barium sulfate content is more than 95%. It is high whiteness, no black spots, no impurities, good dispersion, and has a well-wetting, excellent acid resistance, high temperature, anti-corrosion performance. It can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the product.




BaSO4 Content %


Whiteness %


Oil Absorption (g/100g)


PH value


105 Volatile %


Moisture %


325 Mesh Sieve Residue



Packing and storage:

Package: 25kg woven bag lined with film

Storage: Suitable for storage in a cool, dry, light-proof place, not damp

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