Chromium(VI) oxide CAS: 1333-82-0

Product name: Chromium(VI) oxide

CAS: 1333-82-0

EINECS: 215-607-8

MF: CrO3

MW: 99.99

Appearance: Purple-Red flakes

Standard: GB 1610-2009                  

Package: 25kg/drum, 50kg/drum, 250kg/drum

Melting point: 197

Proportion: 2.70

Features: Strong oxidation, high moisture solution and significant solubility to water

Application: Widely used in chrome plating, wood anticorrosion, medicine, catalysts, pigments, oxidants, glass coloring, the manufacture of oxidized catalyst raw materials, fabric media dyeing and so on


1. Do not mix with flammable objects (such as oils, greases, alcohol, alkalis, etc.).

2. When storage and transportation should pay attention to moisture-proof, heat protection, anti-strike, away from flammable objects, etc.

Technical Parameters
Indes Name                                                             Exc Grade      1stGrade

CrO3 (as dry basis)                           %/             99.8               99.6 Sulfate                                                %               0.05               0.10

Water insolubles                               %               0.01               0.03 Sodium                                               %                0.04                һ 
Turbidity                                             NTU              5                  15


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