epoxy resin E-44

Product Name:epoxy resin

Type: E-44

Epoxy equivalent (g/eg): 210-240

Inorganic chlorine: 0.018%

Softening point: 12-20

Volatile: 0.60

Color: 2

Appearance: Light yellow to brown yellow high viscosity transparent liquid, no obvious mechanical impurities

Package: 180kg/drum or as customer requirements

Delivery Time:  prompt shipment after order confirmation

Performance and usage

Epoxy resin E-44 soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone and other organic solvents.Good fluidity, easy to mix with auxiliary materials, easy molding process, good dimensional stability after curing, shrinkage less than 2%, is the least shrinkage of thermosetting resin resin, thermal expansion coefficient 6-10.5%, excellent bonding performance, electrical insulation performance, mechanical properties and chemical stability are good.

Mainly used in the chemical industry pipeline and solute, as well as automotive, ship and aircraft parts, sports appliances, pouring motor stator, motor shell and transformer components, but also a large number of pouring laminated mold. Its foam can be used as insulating materials, slightly higher weight sandwich materials, adhesives, anticorrosive materials, shockproof sealing materials, floating materials, aircraft sound-absorbing materials and coatings industry and other industrial fields.

How to use:

Epoxy resin is rarely used alone, generally added to the curing agent filler and other auxiliary materials, the use of tert-amine compounds as curing agent is generally resin dosage of 5-15%, acetic anhydride as curing agent to add resin dosage of 0.1-3%, using polyamine as curing agent and epoxy resin for 1:1 mol ratio, 703 as curing agent can be used for 1:04 (weight ratio) distribution

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