Alpha Glucosidase CAS NO.: 9001-42-7

1.   Introduction

Alpha-glucose nucleoside (-glucosidase,ec is the enzyme preparation for the high-efficiency Isomalto-oligosaccharide. It is a food enzyme preparation product extracted from black aspergillus by deep fermentation and refining. The main role is to transfer the free glucose in the sugar solution to another glucose or maltose molecule of the -1,6, the formation of different maltose or pan sugar with branched structure of oligosaccharides.

2.   Enzyme activity Definition

Under temperature 40, ph5.0 test conditions, the amount of enzymes required to catalyze the production of 1g glucose within 60 minutes is defined as 1 alpha-glucose nucleoside activity units (1U). Implementation criteria: QB2525-2001

3.   Product Characteristic




Light Yellow Liquid

Enzyme activity

-glucosidase 300000 U/ml

Glucoamylase 300 U/ml



4.   Optimum temperature and ph

5.   Usage Method

This product is recommended to add the amount of 180u/g dry substance (starch/maltose), it is recommended that the conversion conditions are: temperature: 52-56, ph:4.8-5.5; 30 hours. Please change the amount of addition and the time of the glycosides according to the actual production situation.

Notice: The Glucose is the latest peak, the peak time is 22.9min, the 17 min effect is pan sugar. The 12-14min is a dextrin macromolecule. After the peak 12min (our own syrup has such a peak) is the ethanol peak used for sample processing. Obviously our Isomalto-oligosaccharide has a clear advantage.

6.   Inhibitor

Copper, titanium, cobalt and other metal ions have a certain impact on this product.

Lead, aluminum, zinc and other metal ions have a strong inhibitory effect on this product.

7.   Storage

It is recommended to be stored in a dry, cryogenic environment (25), preferably in refrigerated conditions (4-8 ).

Under 25 , the liquid can be stored for 3 months, the enzyme activity will not be reduced to the standard activity.

Under 4 , can be stored for a longer period of time.

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