Resorcinol CAS: 108-46-3

Product Name: Resorcinol

CAS: 108-46-3

MF: C6H6O2

MW: 110.11

EINECS: 203-585-2

Purity: 99%

Package: 25kg/bag

Melting Point (): 110.7

Boiling point (): 276.5

Relative density (water =1): 1.28

Relative vapor density (air =1): 3.79

Saturated vapor Pressure (kPa): 0.13 (108.4 )

Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, ether, soluble in chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in benzene.

Appearance and properties: Colorless or white-like needle crystals or powders, sweet, slowly turning pink in daylight or in the air


For the dye industry, plastics industry, medicine, rubber and so on;

Resorcinol is mainly used in rubber adhesives, synthetic resins, dyes, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and analytical reagents, such as the main surface;

Resorcinol and phenol, cresol similar, and formaldehyde-generated condensation, can be used for the production of viscose wire and nylon tire cord Binder, the preparation of wood adhesives for vinyl materials and metal adhesion;

Resorcinol is the intermediate of many azo dyes, fur dye, and also the raw material of the pharmaceutical intermediates to the nitrogen-based salicylic acid;

Resorcinol has bactericidal effect, can be used as a preservative, Tim in cosmetics and skin disease drug paste and ointment and so on.


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