2-Methylimidazole zinc salt ZIF 8 CAS NO.: 59061-53-9

Porous Coordination Polymer(PCP) also called Metal-Organic Framework(MOF), is a new kind of porous material with attractive prospect.

There are several PCP/MOF materials have been commercialized production and sales, sodium methyl imidazole zinc (SOD-[ZN (MIM) 2], zinc 2-methylimidazolate, 2-methylimidazole zinc salt, codenamed MAF-4, Also known as ZIF-8) is one of the compounds designed by Chinese scientists.

MAF-4 has the characteristics of high pore volume, highly hydrophobic, high thermal stability and chemical stability, the application range is very wide, has been successfully used in the production of separation column, separation film, sensors, and achieved good results.

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