99.99% Au Nanoparticles gold colloidal

Gold Nanoparticles (Au) dispersion   
content : 1000ppm
purity: >99.99%
APS: 12-15nm
SSA: 3.394 m2/g
color: Dark Brown
bulk density: ~1.25 g/cm3
true density: 19.32 g/cm
melting point: 1063 (nano-powder far below this point)
boiling point: 2966 oC
morphology: spherical
crystallographic structure: cubic


Nano gold solution is made of gold nano gold powder, through physical and chemical production process of complex super tiny nanoparticles. Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic tasteless, reliable, stable, easy to disperse. The utility model can be widely used in the fields of biological coloration, biological catalysis, DNA analysis, beauty care, etc., and can also be used in the fields of biological anti free radical, anti-aging, etc..
Product performance
1 good biological color stability.
2 biological anti free radical, anti-aging.
3 easy to disperse.
4 non-toxic tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.
1 biological stain.
2 industrial catalysts.
3 beauty and health care.
4 environmental purification, decomposition of CO gas, etc..

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