Organic Bismuth catalyst

Product Name: Organic Bismuth catalyst

Main components: Bismuth Neodecanoate, organic acid

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

Bismuth content: 20%±5%


Organic bismuth catalyst is a kind of yellow to yellow viscous liquid, low odor solvent-free, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc., in line with EU RoHS standards, mercury, lead, arsenic, barium and other eight soluble heavy metals, Tin.

Organic bismuth catalyst can replace organotin, organic lead, organic mercury as a catalyst for the use of polyurethane, the main catalytic system -NCO and -OH reaction, the water and isocyanate groups catalytic less.

Organic bismuth catalyst can be used for the production of polyurethane synthetic leather pulp, coatings, adhesives, sealants, runways, elastomers and foam products. Organic bismuth catalyst overall activity than dibutyl tin dilaurate weak, do environmental alternatives, it is recommended to adjust the amount according to the actual situation.


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