Ultramarine Blue Pigment Blue 29(cosmetic grade)

C.I.No: CI 77007
C.I.Name&No: Pigment Blue 29
Molecular Formula: Na6Al4Si6S4O20
Molecular Weight: 862.67
Properties: Blue powder, no odor,can't dissolve in water, but dissolvable in acid; stable in light, heat, air and alkali; The relative density is 0.7-1.0 according to the content. The melting point is 350℃. Its'special crystal frame make ultramarine can eliminate and diminution the yellow hue that reflected in some white materials.
Use: For coloring cosmetics. It can be used in common cosmetic products,mainly in cosmetic for eyes,such as kohl,eyebrow pencil, nail lacquer etc.
Storage: Dry, not be affected with damp.Keep insulating from acid and alkali.If the packaging is not tear open,the valid storage period is three year.
Note: Do not be used in lipsticks


Full Tone

Reduction Tone



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